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With each song she weaves a narrative of her life while drawing the audience in with her vocal expertise.  The resulting effect reveals her to be an exquisite storyteller with a stunning voice that doesn't insist on respect but earns your admiration with each subsequent note. 

                                - Edward Medina,  TheatreReviewNYC


Ms. Sohn is a talented, classically trained singer and a fine actor with big, expressive eyes and an unparalleled ability to wring every last ounce of pathos out of a lyric.

                                - Andrew Poretz,  BroadwayWorld

This is a gal to watch...this gal can sing!  Her sheer beauty of tone gave me goosebumps!

                                - Sue Matsuki,  Cabaret Hotspot

Photo by Susan Stripling

Many cabaret artists try to raise the roof of many a small cabaret room with big belts and booming theatrics.  Ms. Sohn is confident enough to take the stage, plant her feet, tell you a story, and sing her heart out with a powerful velvety smooth voice that stays with you long after you've gone home.  

                                 -  Edward Medina, TheatreReviewNYC

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